Lessons in The Alexander Technique


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The Alexander Technique

Private Lessons Offered

Private lessons are one hour long and are appropriate for all ages. Please see "schedule" section or contact Jill for information on rates. JIll currently teaches on Munjoy Hill in Portland, Maine.

(207) 212-5423 or spiewakeng@yahoo.com


The Alexander Technique is a type of neuromuscular re-education that was developed by F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) for improving the way we "use" our bodies and our minds in the activities and professions of everyday life. It has been successfully taught and practiced worldwide for almost 100 years, and results are known to be transforming.

This is a strong awareness technique that addresses habits of physical and mental stress, and a wide-range of conditions that cause mild to serious malfunction in the body. This work is unique in that it teaches you how to let go of tension (commonly in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, feet, eyes, head, jaw, wrists and hands) while engaged in activity. As underlying habits are generally unconscious and repeated throughout the day (examples include moving too quickly, multitasking, stiffening and compressing our muscles, and applying too much effort in our activities), they result in muscular fatigue and place unnecessary pressure on muscles, joints, and nerves. Very often it is simply these habits which create and/or exacerbate the physical conditions we consider to be irreversible, and which prohibit us from engaging in the things we love and have to do.

Well worth the educational investment, the Alexander Technique is an amazing tool that can make you less dependent on medical and alternative care, and can serve as an option over surgery. You will learn how to change ingrained movement patterns so that you can manage your own condition, prevent injuries, relax while working, feel lighter and more confident, breathe more fully, improve your mood, perform at a higher level, and increase your energy, creativity and productivity. This work can also help with post-surgical rehabilitation.

The Alexander Technique manages mild to chronic muscle tension, mild to chronic pain, injuries, musculo-skeletal conditions, nervous habits, spinal syndromes, neurological and joint disorders, arthritis, fatigue, poor posture, shallow breathing, repetitive strain injuries (particularly carpal tunnel syndrome), TMJ, fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, emotional stress, anxiety and depression.

The Alexander Technique makes it easier to drive, sit at a desk, use a computer, garden, shovel snow, bend, stand, run, lift heavy objects, talk on the telephone and use the hands or eyes for long periods of time.

The Alexander Technique helps public speakers, singers, actors, dancers, painters, musicians, horseback riders, athletes, physical therapists, body workers, and medical and dental care providers, among others.


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