Lessons in The Alexander Technique

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Jill Spiewak Eng has been a certified teacher in the Alexander Technique under Alexander Technique International since 1998. She trained and practiced in NYC and has been teaching in Portland, ME since 2001. Jill has taught at Central Maine Medical Center, True North Health Center, Bates and Bowdoin Colleges, Brown Chiropractic, New Dance Studio, Center Studio and Spa, Balanced Bodywork Inc, and The Center for Movement Education. Jill has also been a professional modern dance performer, teacher and choreographer since 1989.

Jill is also the author of "Body Over Mind" and "The Myth of Doing," both books which you can find information for on her BLOG and Author FACEBOOK page. These works introduce a practice Jill has developed called Mindful Reality which incorporates aspects of the Alexander Technique and helps with mental stress.

You can also visit Jill's BLOG for articles and more on Mindful Reality or go back to HOME and click on that section.

Contact: spiewakeng@yahoo.com or (207) 212-5423